1. Automated biobanking system LiCONiC STC Compact ULT -80°C (Switzerland)
  2. Automated station for preparing biological specimens for storage TECAN FreedomEVO 150/8 AirLiHa with automated decapper/recapper
  3. System for storage of biological samples in liquid nitrogen vapor BIOSAFE 420
  4. Bioreactor Labfors Lux LED with water cooling, Infors, for photosynthesizing microorganisms
  5. Climatic chamber with illumination Binder (Germany)
  6. Incubator WiseCube WIR-150 (Korea)
  7. Autoclave DAIHAN WiseClave WAC-80
  8. Microbiological safety cabinet SafeFAST Elite-S/D (Italy)
  9. Complex laboratory for quantitative measuring of phycotoxins by the competitive enzyme immunoassay method
  10. Metal archive storage cabinets sliding on rails (65 units) (Korea)